Arts and Crafts Furniture

Craftsmen Studio is dedicated to building heirloom quality Arts and Crafts Furniture and lighting that honors the original designs and the craftsmen of the American Arts and Crafts movement from the early 1900's. Arts and Crafts style furniture is baddsed on the idea that fine details and ornamentation should only exist in harmony with the construction, functionality, and durability of the furniture; that the true beauty of fine furnishing comes from carefully selected materials and simplicity of design. Utilizing high quality, hand selected hardwoods, each piece is individually hand-cut and assembled using traditional joinery techniques such as pinned mortise and tenon, dovetail drawers, and splined joints. These methods are consistent with the works of original Arts and Crafts furniture makers such as Gustav Stickley, Charles Limbert, Greene and Greene, and others, whose furnishings have stood the test of time - still retaining their beauty, strength, and functionality for more than a century.

Greene and Greene Lighting

      The work of Charles and Henry Greene is arguably some of the most influence architecture work from the American Arts and Crafts Movement. Their work combined the masculine designs of the movement with the fine detail and eccentric joinery of Japanese woodworking. The homes they designed have today become historical landmarks and stand as a testament to the craftsmanship of this period. Their work has inspired many artisans including myself. It has been my life’s work to create quality reproductions and even come up with a few of my own designs inspired by their work. 

     I began reproducing light fixtures from Greene and Greene design around 2005. Since then, I have built a product line up of arts and crafts lighting offering everything from table lamps to dining chandeliers. These pieces are available as shown or may be customized specially to fit you home. From custom woodworking to unique hand leaded stained-glass design. I work one on one with my clients to understand exactly what you are looking for and work with you throughout the design process to create a unique and functional piece of artwork that will light up you home. If you would like a custom design rather it be woodwork, glasswork, or both please contact me for drawings and estimates. Please note that the wait time can be very long at time depending on my current backlog.